Krisztián Flautner

CEO of Banzai Cloud

Architecting the Future

We are at the beginnings of the next technology cycle that is more defined by what it enables rather than the technology itself. The next era of pervasive and ubiquitous computing has been predicted for more than 25 years, but we are finally at the point of technology development that this vision could actually be realized. With success, however, many new challenges suddenly come into focus. For example: as the number of compute devices per user keep increasing to double or even triple digits, usability and trust models need to be rethought. As the amount of compute power per operator increases exponentially, new ways of managing computers at scale need to be developed. These new challenges require new architectures at multiple layers of the compute stack. This talk explores some of the key challenges that technologists and architects will face.

Krisztián Flautner is CEO of Banzai Cloud, a startup focused on transforming cloud computing and making it accessible to all enterprises on the planet. Previously, Kris was general manager of the Internet of Things Business Unit and VP of Research and Development at ARM, where he was focused on new business opportunities and the proliferation of ARM technologies. He received a PhD in computer science and engineering, along with a number of other degrees, from the University of Michigan. Flautner authored or co-authored over 80 publications and received various best paper awards including the 2017 ISCA influential paper award for groundbreaking research in power-efficient computing.